Ken Cuccinelli vs. Michelle Bachmann on The Constitution


During the Huckabee Presidential Forum on Friday night, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli challenged Rep. Michelle Bachmann on the constitutionality of federal tort reform legislation. Cuccinelli promised weeks ago that he would sue the federal government if the Senate version of a federal medmal limits bill was ever enacted. Bachmann refused to recognize each state's right to run local and state courtrooms. Afterwards, in referring to Bachmann's performance, Cuccinelli said on the Fox News Channel, "On tort reform, I was really surprised she departed from the 10th Amendment position. And I went back and gave her a chance to clean that up. She stuck to it. It was more important to her to have tort reform across the country than to leave it to the states." It's clear that Ken Cuccinelli represents the real pro-10th Amendment position.

You can see the short exchange starting at 4:44 on this clip:

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