It's Federal Tort Reform Quiz Time!


It's Federal Reform Quiz Time! House Republicans are pushing H.R. 5, the bill to impose federal limits on awards in medical malpractice lawsuits, despite universal opposition from conservative legal experts, Tea Party leaders, and conservative Congressmen and Senators. Let's see how closely you've been following the debates on this bill on the House floor and in committees.

1. Which Congressman introduced the opposition of Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips to H.R. 5 on the House floor?
A. John Boehner (Republican)
B. Eric Cantor (Republican)
C. David Dreier (Republican)
D. Maxine Waters (Democrat)

2. Which Congressman introduced Ronald Reagan's quote that tort law belongs to the states into the record on the House floor?
A. Phil Gingrey (Republican)
B. Dan Lungren (Republican)
C. Joe Pitts (Republican)
D. Sheila Jackson Lee (Democrat)

3. Which Congressman introduced the opposition to H.R. 5 of the Heritage Foundation, Randy Barnett, Rob Natelson, Ken Cuccinelli, Sens. Tom Coburn and Mike Lee, and other hardcore conservatives into the record?
A. Michelle Bachmann (Republican)
B. Fred Upton (Republican)
C. Bob Goodlatte (Republican)
D. John Conyers (Democrat)

4. Which Congressman introduced, on the House floor, the references in the Declaration of Independence and Seventh Amendment to the Constitution to protect the right to a civil jury trial?
A. Lamar Smith (Republican)
B. Steve Chabot (Republican)
C. Chuck Fleischmann (Republican)
D. Bruce Braley (Democrat)

5. In 65 printed pages recording 8 hours of debate on the floor, and in 4 hours of debate in two committees, which Founding Father and current constitutional scholar did the proponents of H.R. 5 cite or quote most often?
A. James Madison and Ted Frank
B. Thomas Jefferson and Walter Olson
C. John Adams and Hans Von Spakovsky
D. None at any time

"D" is the answer for all five questions. The positions of the conservative legal theorists and politicians named in questions 1 through 3, and references in Founding Documents to the right to a civil jury trial, were introduced entirely by Democrats.

The proponents of H.R. 5 have not referred to ANY Founding Father or current constitutional scholar throughout any of the debates on that bill. Each of the Founding Fathers named in question 5 explicitly protected that right, and each of the scholars named in that question opposed H.R. 5.

There was no constitutional authority, support or basis for the bill when it was passed by the House. No cite in the bill to the Constitution; no quote of any Founding Father; NOTHING.

There are no winners in this quiz. When the Constitution is ignored, all of us lose.

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