One National Radio Program Defends Our Right to Civil Jury Trial


Only one nationally broadcast radio program regularly supports the right to a jury trial for civil suits, a right protected by the 7th Amendment to the Constitution. It's the 'What's Up' radio program, broadcast daily at various times on twelve radio stations and on Sirius satellite radio on Channel 131, Family Talk Radio, at midnight Eastern time.

Based in Houston, the program is hosted by Terry Lowry, a longtime broadcaster and dedicated Christian who has been involved in conservative causes for years. Terry's broadcasts mix discussions on the political issues, practical advice about life and family, and Christian-oriented spirituality.

But Terry is also dedicated to fighting to protect our constitutional rights, including our right to bring our medical malpractice and other tort claims before a jury of our peers, just as the Founding Fathers intended. Several times a week, Terry discusses the right to a civil jury trial with legal experts and Congressmen such as Professor Randy Barnett and Rep. John Duncan (R-TN), respectively.

I've been honored to be a frequent guest to discuss the need to protect the right to a civil jury trial for lawsuits over the full range of constitutional rights, from medmal claims to religious liberty issues and property rights.

Terry's broadcast on May 30 is a case in point. He broadcast a segment with me about Texas Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert's strong objections to federal tort reform as a violation of states' rights, and another segment focusing on the recent study in the failure of Texas state limits on awards in medmal lawsuits. You can download and listen to Segment 1 here and listen to Segment 2 here.

He then broadcast two segments with Alex Winslow, Executive Director of Texas Watch, a consumer watchdog group, about the history and failure of Texas medmal limits. I consider Alex among the premier experts on the truth underneath the wild claims of success by proponents of that law. You can download and listen to Segment 1 of that interview here, then listen to Segment 2 here.

Then Terry broadcast an interview with an Israeli government official about Iran's nuclear weapons program. That's Terry - he's able to pivot from local to international issues, from constitutional law to foreign affairs, and educate his listeners on all of them. And he's as well-versed on the history of the right to a civil jury trial, from the time of Moses to this year's votes in Congress, as any Member of Congress.

Anyone whose life, business or cause depends on open access to courtrooms and juries should download and listen to Terry Lowry's podcasts on the need to protect the right to a civil jury trial for all causes and cases. And then send the podcasts to your friends to open their minds to the intent of the Founders.

Terry needs and deserves our support, especially in an election year.

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