We Need the 7th Amendment to Save the 2nd Amendment


Conservatives love the 2nd Amendment. The 7th Amendment? Not so much. But the funny thing is, the 7th Amendment could be what saves the 2nd Amendment... If seven million gun owners each individually filed lawsuits along with a request for a restraining order keeping the Obama Regime from imposing whatever gun control it has in mind, numbers alone dictate that some of these lawsuits will land in front of judges that support the 2nd Amendment.

Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation, January 12

Judson Phillips, the Founder of the Tea Party Nation group, knows and defends each amendment in the Bill of Rights. He knows that the Founding Fathers based the civil justice system on an "inviolate" right to a jury trial for civil suits in order to place real power in the hands of local jurors, not the sovereign. The Founders created one civil justice system and protected civil jury trials under the 7th Amendment for all causes and cases, from the protection of gun rights (2nd Amendment) and religious liberty (1st Amendment) and property rights from an activist central government, to the defense of economic rights exploited in the free market, through lawsuits for defective products and medical malpractice.

Real conservatives need to defend each and every God-given right enumerated in the Bill of Rights, and fight to maintain the limits on central power inherent in the Constitution. The Supreme Court ruling in the Obamacare decision made it clear that the Commerce Clause doesn't authorize federal encroachment into local health care decisions, a ruling clearly applicable to most civil justice issues and tort law.

I discussed these issues recently on the syndicated What's Up radio show, hosted by Christian conservative Terry Lowry and broadcast on various radio stations around the country. You can download the podcast of my interview from the What's Up website at this link (mp3 file). I noted that the Bill of Rights is not a menu that we can just pick and choose from, like we do at a restaurant. Liberals who love civil jury trials for their causes need to protect our right to bear arms, and conservatives need to protect the right to civil jury trials from crony capitalists who would abridge our right to a civil jury trial through "tort reform." I added that neither God nor the Founding Fathers makes anyone in the healthcare industry so special as to be worthy of immunity from civil suits and accountability for their negligence.

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