American ChurchOur Sunday Visitor and ParishSOFT Announce Strategic Partnership

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — The parent company of AmericanChurch Inc., Our Sunday Visitor Inc. (Huntington, Ind.) recently announced a strategic partnership, effective Jan. 1, with ParishSOFT LLC (Ann Arbor, Mich.), according to statements issued by their management teams.

AmericanChurch and Our Sunday Visitor together are a large national producer of church offering envelopes, as well as one of the leading publishers of Catholic periodicals, books and religious education materials.

ParishSOFT is engaged in the development, sale and support of church management software and Web services for the religious market in the United States.

The ParishSOFT software offers AmericanChurch the means for church customers to update their membership lists online. It also offers an effective means to respond to a growing interest in electronic funds transfer at the church level, integrating electronic giving with traditional offering envelope giving.

ParishSOFT’s software and Web services provide innovative new means of distributing educational and training materials directly to church staff and members via e-mail and the church website.

Taken together, these benefits will integrate AmericanChurch more closely with its current and future church customers and strategically position AmericanChurch in an emerging market.

For more information, log on to www.parishsoft.com, www.osv.com or www.offeringenvelopes, and www.americanchurch.com.