Attend The Unity Summit to Promote Seventh Amendment Rights

Readers in the Southeast, especially in or near Jackson, MS, have a special opportunity to learn more about our Seventh Amendment right to a civil jury trial and how the Seventh Amendment supports the First and Second Amendments. On March 13 and 14, lawyers and legislators from around U.S. will come together at “The Unity Summit” to inform and educate all citizens interested in understanding and protecting our God-given and constitutionally protected rights. The Unity Summit will focus on our First Amendment rights of free speech and free exercise of religion, Second Amendment right to own and bear arms, and Seventh Amendment right to a civil trial by jury. Nationally known speakers will present and debate current issues such as the impact of the Affordable Care Act and IRS scrutiny of nonprofit organizations on First Amendment rights; the debate over the Second Amendment rights of students on college campuses; and the erosion of Seventh Amendment rights due to compulsory arbitration clauses in cell phone, car and other consumer contracts. You’ll hear the Founding Fathers’ own quotes on the importance of the civil jury trial to the very existence of democracy and the current legal trends, many of them unpublicized by the Mainstream Media, that threaten Seventh Amendment rights. And you’ll be inspired by the service and sacrifice of a Iraq War veteran in a special presentation.

Every American of any political persuasion who cherishes the Constitution and Bill of Rights and wants a “deep dive” into current legal and political issues will benefit from attending the Unity Summit. You can register for it here. And please “Like” the Unity Summit Facebook page and send it and the website link to friends and followers.