How To Build Garage Shelves

If you’re looking to learn how to build garage shelves then you should feel lucky that you’re taking on such a relatively easy project. It’s simple in its scope and also in the actual work that you will be completing. Plus, it shouldn’t cost you much money or time to complete. You can follow this guide for how to build garage shelves to help provide yourself with all of the extra storage that you need in your garage.

The first step in any successful project is planning and when it comes to learning how to build garage shelves the same rule applies. You need to plan where you want the shelves to be and how long you want them to be. When planning their location, keep in mind that you want to be able to access them easily, and they shouldn’t interfere with your vehicles. Therefore you want to consider both a direction and place for the shelves, as well as a height on the wall.

Now it’s time to buy the materials that you plan on using. All you really need to do is use some plywood, which will be very easy putting up and won’t cost you very much money. Of course, you could upgrade to other woods, or you could opt for plastic or metal shelving among various other materials. In addition to the materials for the shelves, all you will need are some brackets and screws, which can usually be picked up together in a kit or pack, or can be purchased separately at your discretion.

When it comes to actually putting up the shelves, you should find the studs in your garage for where you screw in and secure the brackets. Additionally, take the time to make sure you’re hanging them straight, whether you have an electronic level or an old fashioned one. Nothing is worse than a crooked shelf, so take the time to correct any mistakes before they escalate. If you’re installing the shelves around a corner, angle the two adjacent boards so they meet flush in the middle.

Of bike rack for garage , don’t forget that you can do much more than just installing some shelving if you want to improve the usage of your space in the garage. It’s also relatively easy to install some slat walling, which will allow you to easily hang many hooks and bins. Additionally, there are many forms of cabinets both large and small, not to mention garage overhead storage products. Therefore the possibilities are completely open, and you can end up with something that you’re really happy with.

By now you should see that learning how to build garage shelves isn’t a hard process at all. In fact, it’s altogether easy, and it’s a project that you can complete in a short amount of time. It will help you utilize the space in your garage to a better extent. However you should also remember that there are many other products and garage storage systems that can help you achieve even more.