No thanks I get enough fish smell at home

Dear useless cunts taking your every day all day walk of shame public,

Why the fuck do you think it’s OK to go out in a pair of pajama bottoms? I mean if you’re just getting the mail or taking the kid to daycare or whatever, OK…sort of OK I guess. I mean you just got up and you are in a rush to dump the mewling before you go to work and whatever, I get it.

But once you leave the boundary of quick necessity and decide to wave your thinly veiled stankhole at the general public like it ain’t no thang, I dunno, terrorists have won? Look at you, you disgusting lazy pig. The pjs, The Holy Cross t-shirt and fucking flip flops. You are in a food market and the baked goods aisle smells like the fish aisle now. Oh, and here comes the hubby wearing a pair of FUCKING SWEATPANTS? COME ON you assholes I can smell her pussy and I can see his cock.  Let’s give it up for people who are total losers who can’t button a button, tie a shoelace or zip a zipper. Burn in fake hell you sacks of shit.


The Rest Of Us

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