Rolling Into Somewhere and Not Attempting to Speak the Language

I’m no friggin professor, kid, but I know the most basics of the Romance languages: “hello,” “goodbye,” “how much for the white baby?” “thank you,” etc. I can pretty much get by in any place that speaks French, Italian or Spanish just with those 3 or 4 phrases. In fact, almost anyone can look those up, using this machine called the internet.

When I recently found myself in Mexico I noticed that almost none of my fellow citizens even attempted the very basics of this exotic language that we hear literally everyday right here at home. Actually, that’s not entirely true there was that group of biker skanks who did yell “Excuse me senorita!” at the restaurant when they wanted margaritas, so points for that.

Anyway, just a reminder for my fellow travelers, your rental car doesn’t come with a Speak English or Get Out bumper sticker so you’re pretty much stuck trying to tough it out with the most basic of attempts. Also, no need to spice it up with the cruise wear while you’re on vacation. Would you wear that shirt if you were farting around Ohio like usual? Pretty good rule of thumb there. Just a tip from one traveler to another. Now repeat after me “Estoy en la lista.”